Future Energy provides services in all areas of infrastructure. Our managers and project managers have the right knowledge and experience.

Industry, buildings & construction

We have solid experience in industry, building and construction, Feasibility and competence make us qualified to take on most challenges.

Marine, oil & gas

Deliveries to the marine, oil and gas sectors are a clear part of our core areas. Recent assignments are for KCA Deutag RDS, Wintershall, Siemens, Archer, Head Energy Solve and for Seadrill.

A Sustainable Footprint

Future Energy aims to be a sustainable company. That is why we have integrated sustainability into our basic and fundamental strategy. By reducing the company’s environmental footprint where it is feasible, we want to make a positive contribution to renew the industry.

Vision & Mission

Future Energy aims to be a preferred supplier within our field of business.
Our company shall provide safety to both our customers and our employees, and deliver the right solution at the right time.

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A future oriented company

Future Energy is a future oriented company.
We deliver complete service- and project solutions to our market.
We want to contribute to a renewal of the market by promoting new systems with economic and environmental advantages.

We have a supporting role to the established market and provides both small and large businesses more legs to stand on.
We have a goal to be a leading company within our field of business, therefore we work everyday to renew and improve ourselves.

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Future Energy believes in a strong HSE policy.

We have strict safety demands and value solid routines.
We have a zero-vision and work continuously to maintain the safety of employees and equipment.
No one must be injured while working in Future Energy.
We facilitate good cooperation at work and involve personnel in both planning and decisions.
By promoting communication, feedback, and evaluation we give everyone a voice and ownership to their work.
This is how we create our good teams.

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Our range of Services

Our team is constructed with people from a diversity of experience and knowledge.
This enables us to offer such complete and wide array of services.
Future Energy provides complete, innovative and quality assured projects in every step of each process.

– Management / Project Management
– Engineering
– Installation – low voltage and high voltage
– High Voltage Live maintenance
– Pipe / Instrumentation / Mechanical
– Advanced training through courses and education
– Control systems – PLC – HMI
– Classification – upgrade – conversion
– Installation – security and communication systems
– Modifications / reconstructions
– MC & Commissioning
– Operation, maintenance, and service contracts
– Inspection
– Navigation equipment
– EX- installation and maintenance
– SWBD’s
– Modules and skidding systems
– Preventative and corrective maintenance
– Resource rentals

Contact Future Energy Global

Future Energy Global AS
Sør-Arena Inngang 11,
Stadionveien 21
4632 Kristiansand

Organization number: 922 096 430 MVA

Managing Director Future Energy Global:

Arild Wikøren
Direct: +47 911 56 849

Sales- and Project manager:

Svein Terje Bjelland
Direct: +47 900 31 353